Fic: This Heart Is Burning Up

Title: This Heart Is Burning Up
Author: Devonwood
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Some tie-pulling and semi-public sex w/o voyeurism. Brief allusions to infidelity.
Spoilers: Through episode 4x14
Word Count: ~5,700
Summary: It’s no accident that they were together at Christmas, and again on Valentine’s Day.
Author’s Note: Title is from “Tightrope” by Walk the Moon. Easy now, with my heart. You walk a tightrope. Huge thanks to Lucie for some initial cheerleading, and Star for kicking me in the rump when I needed it.


His dad is in the bed ten feet away and his ex-boyfriend is sleeping on the couch, and it should be weird except that it’s not. Last Christmas, Kurt would have said Blaine was part of the family, little and mismatched and perfect as it was, and perhaps it’s the lingering essence of the holiday season and the closeness of loved ones (because he meant what he said at Thanksgiving—he still loves Blaine, even when he doesn’t really want to) that make this inherently awkward situation entirely not-awkward.

Blaine shifts on the couch for the hundredth time in the last five minutes, causing the springs to squeak and rattle like a cat with a stepped-on tail. Kurt had made the couch as comfortable as he could with the extra pillows from both his and Rachel’s beds, and a blue blanket with a satin lining that’s deceptively scratchy, but he knows from experience falling asleep there during movie marathons with Rachel that the couch is good for nothing but a crick in the neck. That’s why, he reasons with himself, he slips out of bed and softly pads into the living room—just in case Blaine is tossing and turning while asleep instead of awake.

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